Patrick Daly

Software Engineer


I have experience developing on the front end and back end using technologies like React, Angular, Backbone, Mithril, jQuery, MaterialUI, Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL. I am passionate about learning new technologies and always looking for opportunities to expand and hone my skills. Some of my recent projects can be seen below.


Access useful information about the Barton Creek Greenbelt, all in one convenient location. View real-time water flow and water depth data, obtained from the USGS Water Services API, at multiple locations on the greenbelt. Additionally, obtain driving and walking directions from your current location.

Trail Blazer

Search for mountain biking and hiking trails near any city in the Unites States. For each trail, view the location of the trailhead, trail features, distance of the trails, and helpful comments from other users.


Gamify your Github account. As a contributor, earn tokens and unlock new characters as you contribute to open source projects. As a project owner, place bounties on issues and features that need to be finished on your projects.


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